Group Management System

Group Management System


1872 (as Aso Corporation)
Group Management Committee Chairperson
Iwao Aso
Group Companies
102 companies(as of April 1, 2019)
Group Revenues
385.1 billion yen (as of March 31, 2019)
Group Employees
14,029 employees (as of April 1, 2019)
Group chart
  • Aso Corporation
  • Aso Corporation, Construction Consulting Division
  • Aso Corporation, Development Division
  • Aso Corporation, Hospital Consulting Division
  • Aso Corporation, Medical Business Development Division
  • Aso Corporation, Real Estate Department
  • Alam Co., Ltd.
  • Apple Heart Residence Co., Ltd.
  • Asmedix Co.,Ltd.
  • Aso Accounting Service Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Alpha Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Care Services Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Cement Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Concrete Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Development Management Co.,Ltd.
  • Aso Education Service Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Foam Crete Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Humaney Center Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Information System Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Juku Educational Foundation
  • Aso Marriage Agent Co., Ltd
  • Aso Medical Services Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Aso Iizuka Golf Club)
  • Aso Records Management Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • Aso System Solution Co., Ltd.
  • Aso Yoshio Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Care Work Kyushu Co., Ltd.
  • Challenged Aso Co., Ltd.
  • FAS eco-energy Co.,Ltd.
  • Fukuri Kosei Club Kyushu Co., Ltd.
  • Hakuaien
  • Hakuhoukai (Careport Genkai)
  • Human Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd.
  • Iizuka Hospital
  • Kaita Hospital
  • Kitakyushu Ash Recycle Systems Co., Ltd
  • Kokura Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Miyako Hospital
  • Minami Kagoshima Sakura Hospital
  • Nihon Heart Support Network Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Medical Property Management Co.,Ltd.
  • N One Staff Co., Ltd.
  • Seinan Concrete Co., Ltd.
  • Senboku Concrete Co., Ltd.
  • Serekuto Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Sowa Cement Sales Co., Ltd.
  • Tagawa Shinsei Hospital
  • Universe Create Co., Ltd.
* Includes partner companies and organizations

Group Management System

Aso Group, proud of its over 140 years of history, introduced the group management system in 2005, and is continuing to pursue its aim of enhancement of the value of the group.

Aso Group has established a Group Management Committee, consisting of the directors of Aso Corporation and The Aso Group, which steers the group’s operations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations while remaining conscious of the company’s social responsibilities, and which continues to increase the group’s total corporate value through speed and multifaceted strategic management.

Under the Group Management Committee, the group companies and operating divisions are bundled into three independent strategic business units based on the characteristics of each business field and common management issues and strategies: Medical (medical and healthcare), Professional (education, human resources, social welfare, and information technology), and Facilities (real estate and construction-related business, regional business, and manufacturing and production-related business).

Strategic Units

[Medical Unit]

Through a comprehensive approach that includes hospital management that combines quality medical care and healthy management, cultivation of desirable human resources for hospital business, and periphery businesses, the Aso Group operates and manages hospitals that provide the medical care needed in the region.

[Professional Unit]

While cherishing our inherited brand trust, we are expanding to care work, education, job creation and IT software business so as to help revitalize local areas and provide human resource services and business solutions with high added value.

[Facility Unit]

As a core business group, we maximize corporate value by selecting strategic businesses, global expansion, business reforms and organizational modifications based on market trends and each company's circumstances.

Group Management System