Mission and Vision

Business attitude

The following is Aso's perspective on the changing times.

Our modern society and economy of mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal, which are based on a theory of rationalism, have brought material wealth and convenience to our lives, but at the same time they have given rise to new issues. Twentieth century society was a so-called "material market," which was highly focused on a stable lifestyle and material possessions, and the existing marketing and management systems corresponded to the market needs. However, the twenty-first century society is a "market of the mind," and we anticipate there will be an increasing interest in "peace of mind and purpose."

Group Mission

In 1872 (Meiji 5), the founders of Aso established the company as a means of contributing to society through the creation of social infrastructure. In its earlier years, the Aso Group's mission was to create infrastructure for Japan's industry, and it grew together with the development of the Chikuho region and Northern Kyushu. The Aso Group, which shifted the focus of its business from coal to cement after World War II, conducts business under a new mission to create infrastructure for social capital and participates multilaterally in businesses that support today's service industry. Today, having entered the twenty-first century, we must operate against a new background of declining birthrates and a growing proportion of elderly people, globalization, digitalization, and environmental destruction. As a result, changes such as the transformation to a zero-waste economy and society, the introduction of private-sector initiatives, and the expansion of lifelong education are becoming more important than ever. Because we are in the midst of this major transformation to society's structure, Aso strives to be a major force behind the transformation to a new society based on a shift from stability and material possessions to peace of mind and purpose.

The Aso Group's mission is to participate in and contribute to the reform of social systems, to build a group company that is competitive and engaging, and to be of help to the community, Japan, and the world.

Group Vision

As many people have pointed out, important themes in our future society will undoubtedly be the environment, health, medical care, welfare, education, and human resources. In conducting our company activities, we consider these themes as a new social infrastructure and aim to establish a reassuring infrastructure industry in local communities. This area will be increasingly important as a public investment in environmental welfare.

The next step after ensuring peace of mind is to create "purpose." We are determined to work toward an industry of purpose for healthy aging, living, learning, and communications, and to create further value and contribute to local communities.

Designing an "industry of purpose" based on a reassuring infrastructure industry. This is also our declaration for comprehensively working and creating knowledge as an entire group to meet the needs of society and people to achieve "peace of mind and purpose."

Our challenge as the Aso Group has started under the slogan "Designing purpose by embodying peace of mind."