Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Aso Group first became established through coal mining in Chikuho, Fukuoka in 1872. In the nearly 150 years of history since then, both under our own initiative and at times driven by the necessity of the era, we have expanded and transformed our business under the principle of our founder, Takichi Aso, who admonished that “moderation is a virtue, idleness is a sin.” Our business endeavors encompass developing infrastructure in Northern Kyushu, including land transportation, banking and electrical power in the Meiji period, and real estate development and hospital management in the Chikuho region, as well as human resources development, education, medicine and cement manufacturing since the end of World War II.

Not only have companies, hospitals, and schools changed, but we have witnessed many changes to the country and regional areas. There was the prosperity of the Chikuho region around the time the coal business was flourishing, and now there is a natural decrease in population and a declining birthrate combined with a growing proportion of elderly in the current era. The environment we face in the place of our founding is a regional and temporary microcosm of Japan as a whole. Without forgetting the resolution advocating “contributing to the reform of social systems” that we have embraced since our establishment, we feel the realization of our Group’s call to “contribute to change in the societal system” is promoted by our belief that even a small endeavor may greatly shape the future of people in the region, and that our work today may lead to the resolution of societal problems 5 or 10 years in the future. We strive to continue to grow each and every year without neglecting the value of moderation and by dedicating ourselves to continuously reassessing the status quo.