Education and Human Resources

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Education and human resources

Aso Group provides educational opportunities for students and business people through Aso College Group, the largest vocational college in western Japan.
The Group is also involved in the solution business through human resources of high value. Aso Group expands its business in areas which respond the needs of the regions, such as elderly care, education, IT software, and any other areas that creates employment.

Education: Aso College Group – one of the top vocational colleges in Japan

Aso College Group is proud of its high standard of education to bring maximum potential of each individual to the forefront by its passionate teaching staff, top level learning environment including state of the art facilities and academic/business partnerships around the world. The graduates are ready to demonstrate their skills with confidence as they go on to work in various industries.

About Aso College Group

Human resources solutions: a leader in human recourses solutions in southern Japan

ASO Humaney Center Group serves as the core of the Aso Group’s business in the areas of temporary staffing service, and job searching and career support. It expands business from various aspects in order to flexibly respond to the diversifying needs for human resources.

ASO Humaney Center Group offers following services:

  • outsourcing, temporary staffing and recruitment of permanent staff
  • job searching and career support website for new graduates
  • job training programs
  • IT system and solution consulting service
  • occupational health service