Medical and Health Care

Iizuka Hospital
Iizuka Hospital at a glance
Employees 2,408 (August 1, 2018)
Physicians : 314
Nurses : 1,070
Medical Technicians : 531
Others : 493
Hospital founded & treatment started 1918
We have been committed to community health for over 100 years.
Annual patient activity (2017)
326,028 admissions
457,736 outpatient visits
30,553 emergency visits
5,970 surgeries
With 1,048 beds, Iizuka Hospital is the largest medical institution in the Chikuho region.
Education More than 250 residents have participated in our residency training programs.
The present system in Japan allows 6th year medical students to choose between hospitals to get their residency training. Iizuka Hospital's residency program has been acclaimed as one of the best in Japan.
High quality medical care
Beginning of TQM activity (1992)
Certification of ISO 14001 (2001)
Certification of ISO 9001 (2008)
Certification of ISO 15189 (2009)
Our TQM (Total Quality Management) and activities to promote medical safety have attracted national attention. Many people in medical circles are welcomed to observe our activities.
Iizuka Hospital has obtained the ISO9001 certificate, the international standard of the quality management system. We are the largest organization in Japan to succeed in obtaining the ISO9001 certificate.
Regional partnership Our hospital is one of the Regional Medical care Support Hospitals.
This means that the prefectural governor has approved the hospital to be competent enough to secure regional medical care having capabilities of supporting family doctors who are taking roles of providing regional medical care. Only 346 hospitals out of 8,622 others have been accredited in Japan. (September, 2011)
Global partnerships
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Memorial Hermann Health System
MD Anderson Cancer Center
El Camino Hospital

Iizuka Hospital: heart of the community medical care in the region

Our Iizuka Hospital, located in Fukuoka Prefecture in southern Japan, plays a key role in Aso Group's medical care and health-care services in the region.

Aso Group's Iizuka Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Fukuoka Prefecture with:

  • 42 departments,
  • 314 doctors,
  • 1,048 beds and
  • 2,408 employees.
  • (as of August 1, 2018)

Annually, Iizuka Hospital receives :

  • 457,736 outpatients,
  • 326,028 inpatients, and conducts
  • 5,970 surgeries

"Patient-centered" care with the aim of becoming the most heartfelt hospital

Aso Group's Iizuka Hospital is committed to providing patient-centered care with the aim of becoming the most heartfelt hospital in Japan, in order to create essential value for the communities.

Most advanced facilities to provide high-level medical care

Aso Group's Iizuka Hospital inaugurated a new ward, specializing in prenatal medicine in 2013. The new ward accommodates the most advanced facilities equipped with

  • NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit),
  • GCU (Growing Care Unit) and
  • MFICU (Maternal Fetal Intensive Care Unit)

The hospital provides high-level medical care to enable staff to always be prepared for high-risk delivery, functioning as the only regional prenatal medical center in the region.

Global partnerships

Iizuka Hospital enjoys partnerships with leading hospitals overseas in order to continue to improve the medical care quality from a global viewpoint. Our global partners include:

  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Memorial Hermann Health System
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • El Camino Hospital

Nurses and volunteers from abroad

The hospital accepts nurses and volunteers from overseas, as part of its initiative to promote diversity and global communication skills in the hospital.

Leader in TQM (Total Quality Management) program

In 1992, a management program called Total Quality Management (TQM) was set up, enhancing improvement of medical care, services and management. Iizuka Hospital plays a leading role in the TQM programs in Japan. About 150 staff members in around 20 groups participated every year, with visitors from about 100 institutions attending to observe our activities. Visitors from overseas, such as those from developing countries in Africa, have increased in recent years.

One of the best postgraduate training hospitals in Japan

In 1989, Iizuka Hospital was designated as a "clinical training hospital", offering courses for postgraduate training and education, through which residents can build up a broad range of skills reinforced by the practical experience of our full-time faculty. We frequently receive acclaim as one of the best postgraduate training hospitals in Japan.

Certified family medicine training program

Iizuka Hospital runs a family medicine training program jointly with an affiliate hospital. It is a certified program by the Japanese Academy of Family Medicine, and this kind of program is still rare to see in Japan (there are only 94 certified programs as of March, 2010).