Environmental Solutions and Infrastructure

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Environmental Solutions and Infrastructure

Aso Group is committed to contributing to local communities around the world through creating a sustainable future with reliable environmental Solutions and Infrastructure.

Environmental solutions

Aso Group is committed to working in a sustainable manner - sustained economic growth cannot occur without social progress, environmental protection and respect for local communities.

Aso Group is actively engaged in environmental solution businesses for a sustainable future through:

  • environment-friendly building materials,
  • the nation's first medical waste recycling system,
  • renewable resources, and
  • industrial waste recycling solutions

Infrastructure:extensive solutions to build reliability in our lives and local communities

Aso Group provides comprehensive infrastructure solutions from building materials, engineering to consulting services.

The Group offers an extensive range of value-added products such as highly-functional concrete products, environment-friendly cement and other building materials for specific purposes.
Aso Group also offers professional infrastructure solution consulting services including:

  • concrete structure diagnosis including earthquake resistance testing
  • ready-mix concrete consulting service to acquire certifications such as ISO17025 and others
  • technical solutions and testing services for cement, ready-mix concrete and precast