Aso’s History

Aso's History


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The Aso Group was founded by Takichi Aso, who in 1872 began mining the Shakanoo Goyo Tanzan and embarked upon his path in the coal industry.

In earlier years, the Aso Group's mission was to create infrastructure for Japan's industry, and it grew together with the development of the Chikuho region and Northern Kyushu. As one of the largest coal mine owners during the Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa eras, the Aso Group launched a wide range of businesses such as banks, railroads, electricity, and hospitals, in addition to coal mining.

The Aso Group, which shifted the focus of its business from coal to cement after World War II, conducts business under a new mission to create infrastructure for social capital and participates multilaterally in businesses that support today's service industry.

In addition to the manufacture and sales of cement and ready-mix concrete, the Aso Group also owns over 60 companies in a wide range of fields, and it has grown from its origins as a corporate group in the Chikuho region to become the representative corporate group of Fukuoka Prefecture and Kyushu. The Aso Group's businesses include healthcare, medical care, and welfare related business centered on its private hospital (Iizuka Hospital), which boasts one of the largest scales and highest qualities among hospitals in Japan; education and human resources-related business, centered on one of Japan's most famous general vocational colleges (Aso Juku); the largest temporary staffing-related business in Kyushu; computer and software development-related business; construction and trade-related business; regional development-related business, and environment-related business.